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XGENO.DBMapper - A new way of OR/DB Mapping

XGENO.DBMapper is a simple, easy-to-use and powerful OR Mapper (just 15KB) for your database queries. It is set of extension methods (on the SQL Connection), which execute a SQL query (simple, parameterized, stored procs etc.) and return the data as a list of .NET objects (classes that you have created).


Note: This is not a replacement for existing ORMs (Linq/NHibernate/XGENO.ORM etc.). This is useful when there are lots of stored procedures or dynamic SQL queries are involved, and performance is a critical factor.

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RSS Feed Result for ASP.NET MVC

In this post, we look at creating a RSS Feed Result in ASP.NET MVC (similar to the one implemented on this site). This will allow your MVC site to expose its data (news, blog posts, articals etc.) as RSS feed.

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Date Badge - Revisited

In my previous post, we looked at creating a date badge for the posts in ASP.NET MVC (similar to the one on the side). However, it suffered from the issue of explicitly defining CSS styles, plus there was no strongly typed HTML helper to work with the model. 


Let's revise the code and build a better exntension.

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Creating a Date Badge for your Posts in ASP.NET MVC

Ever wanted to create a date badge for your posts in ASP.NET MVC (similar to the one on the side). It is actually very easy to do so.


Let's look at how this can be achieved with the help of simple CSS and a helper extension.

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